I grew up on an after school diet of Star Trek and The Brady Bunch.  While the shows couldn’t have been more radically different, they had one thing in common: They were, at their hearts, morality tales. Every week night, from five until six, ideals like patience, perseverance, understanding, and yes, compassion were visited and played out on a 12″ screen.  While many lament the idea that “TV helped raise a generation of kids,” I’m glad that I was born in an era where my heroes were Captain Kirk and Mr. Brady, and not the Kardashians or Paris Hilton.

I wanted to revisit some of those old fashioned after-school ideas with Discarded Lives.   I bring that up now because this page is the first time  that I really got to touch on one of the central themes of this story.

Now I’d better shut up, lest I give away the entire tale.