One of the best side effects of working on this project is that it allows me to create 3D models I’d otherwise never have a reason to build.  While I can knock out cars and product  models for clients, it’s not very often that I’ll ever be asked to create a “Fantasy Inn.”  The comic gives me an excuse for that kind of release.

The Inn pictured below was modeled, textured, and lit in Lightwave 11.5 in approximately three hours.  I didn’t use LWCAD — though its stair creation tool would have been a godsend — and just stuck with the core program.

The image you see below is how the model looked prior to mood lighting and post-processing.  It’s simple, sure…but it also does its job.  While I use the assets available in DAZ where I can, I also make a point of having at least one major asset in each comic be my own.  If I had the time I’d create every set, and every piece of clothing.  Alas, working the comic between a corporate gig and client work means I’m forced to be frugal with my comic modeling time.

That being said…just wait until Issue Five…

"Discarded Lives" Issue 3 Inn Pre-production Image

A Set Comes Together