Nothing much to say here, except that I’m very happy with Maya’s “What!?” face in the first panel.

Okay, one more thing:  Using Comic Life 2 as my comic creation package has impacted my production in two very important ways:

  • Its large font size keeps my dialog very, very short
  • Its inability to crop word balloons behind the edge of panel frames forces re-framing of many of my panels

I’m a loquacious writer.  I own that.  Starlion: A Pawn’s Game, my first comic, was so wordy that we had to bump our font size down to damn-near the minimum readable size to get all of my words into a panel.  By contrast, Comic Life 2 has forced make very stringent dialog and caption choices. I’m glad that it does. Discarded Lives has, by a large measure, the tightest writing I’ve ever created.

That all being said, I am looking seriously at moving to Manga Studio.  While Comic Life 2 (and 3, which I upgraded to just today) has nice features, in the end they’re both a little too much on the “toy” end of the production spectrum for this project.  I promise, however, that whatever tool I move to, that I’ll keep a tight reign on my script.

Off to play with Comic Life 3.