I hope you’ve enjoyed Volume One of Discarded Lives.  While there are plenty of things I would change if I were doing it over again, I’m happy with the result of the first act of our story.

Now for the bad news:  Discarded Lives is going on hiatus.

This isn’t a matter of choice,  Not three weeks had passed after I had delivered issue three to the servers before I received some disturbing rumors about my day job.  Unfortunately, they proved to be true,  and  unless I’m successful on my new job search, come April of this year I’ll be among the increasing number of unemployed in the U.S..

The impact on the comic was immediate.  Time I had usually spent on prepping panels is now used to send out resumes.  Render time is now used to find people with which to network.  While the project still needs to be completed — all of the scripts are “in the can” now, and are only awaiting artwork — my powerful need for shoes and food trumps my desire to dig into Issue Four.

Now for the good news:  Discarded Lives will be finished.

I’m rapidly reaching the point where I’ve completed the “job search” infrastructure necessary to find work.  This will effectively lower my need to spend hours a day looking, and instead will allow me, well, hours a day to work on projects.  While other things still take priority, very high on that list is the work on this comic.

So, that’s where we stand.  Issue Four of Discarded Lives will come out in 2014.  Unfortunately, there will be a gap between the chapters again, and for that I apologize.

To those of you who have found the comic, please check back regularly.  While I can’t promise a date, I can tell you that this story will be finished, one way or another.

I’ll see you on the fields of Sondtraterra, folks.