Issue 2 is in the can.  Issue 3?  Well, therein lies a tale.

I was fairly far into the process of creating Issue 3.  Script was finished, storyboards were completed, even the first four pages were blocked-out and low-res versions of the panels were laid out in my comic creation tool.  The process was humming, and I was on my way to knocking it out in record time.

If only I didn’t have a bad feeling about the script.

I pressed on for a couple of weeks.  “It’s just jitters,” I reasoned.  “Press through and get it done.”

Thing is, it wasn’t, and I knew it.

I just didn’t believe in the script.  At all.

Oh, the beats were there.  The issue had a nice three act structure, and it pushed Volume I of this tale into its second act.  My twists were there, my action was there, and I had some visually very interesting moments to share.  It should have worked.

But it didn’t.

The last time I felt this upset about a script was when I made my movie, Pray for Daylight.  The script felt off to me over twelve re-writes, but in the end I ignored my gut and pressed on.  The result?  A micro-budget movie that, while not bad for how it was made, suffered from some real script issues.  (If you want to see me really break down my issues with this project, feel free to check out my deeper analysis on my old blog here.)

That old feeling in my gut forced my decision: Issue 3 was undergoing a complete re-write.

Now, if this was a popular site, I might have pressed on anyway.  It’s not.  (Well, except for attracting an astonishing amount of Comment Spam from desperate etailers.)  This is still a tiny site, with a limited readership.  Right now, that’s a strength, not a weakness.  I’m not under a deadline here.  I don’t have a publisher beating down my door.  I’m the boss.  I’m the one who says “Yes,” or “No.”

Issue 3 was not ready, so I’m saying “No.”

Where does that leave us?

The new version of Issue 3 (and, by extension, 4, 5, and 6) is being re-worked.  I’m compressing, pressing, and pushing.  More to the point, I’m wondering if the first volume that I’d originally imagined as 6 issues can really be done in 4.

So, that’s my goal.

To the occasional reader of this site, I ask only one thing from you:  Patience.  Discarded Lives, Volume I will be finished.  It just might take a little longer than expected.

Check back now and then.  Before you know it, a new page will show up.