Today marks the last of the daily updates for Discarded Lives.  From this point forward, new pages will arrive every Monday and Thursday.

Don’t worry; Issue One is in the can.  Issue Two is currently a third of the way completed, with most major modeling assets ready for production as well.  The issue is thumbnailed, the script is locked, and the only steps remaining are my composing efforts.

Therein lies the push to a twice-per-week comic.

I never intended Discarded Lives to be released daily.  As fast as I am at generating pages, I’m not that fast.  I write, thumbnail, build assets, compose, and letter this comic all in the cracks of a life that includes a full-time job.  Moving to a twice-per-week release schedule allows me enough time to get the comic done without having a nervous breakdown.

So, stick around and enjoy the upcoming pages.  I think you’ll dig what you see.  Oh, and just wait for Issue Two!

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